An archive of stories and photos from our family trip to South India.

Location: Seattle


Claire on Mahabalipuram

I love the pool at our hotel!! I go swimming every day and I practice my dives with my dad.

It's funny, but even though I'm in India, I've been eating pasta and pizza most days. I also eat lots of bananas, but they are different from the bananas in Seattle, because they are small. We buy them and some other things from a lady that stands on the side of the street with her child.

Here are some things that are different about India:
At night I have to sleep under a mosquito net because there are so many mosquitos. And it's fun to be under it.

There are naked children running around the street, and some of them are very poor.

There are cows with painted horns walking down the street, and there are a ton of them walking at the beach.

When I take a bath, I take it with a big bucket. I pour a cup of water over me. But we don't drink the water from the faucets, because it's dirty and could make us sick. The only water we can drink is bottled water, and we buy that at the side of the street too.

I miss everybody, and I hope you're having fun at home! LOTS OF LOVE CLAIRE