An archive of stories and photos from our family trip to South India.

Location: Seattle


Claire: Family-Sized Dosas

When we were in Kodiakanal we went to one restaurant where we tried to order a "family-sized dosa." A dosa is like a very thin pancake that comes rolled in a tube, with three sauces - one coconut, one mint, and one curry to eat with it. But they told us that the "big dosa master" was not there only the "small master." The next day we went to a different restaurant and they had it on the menu. And when we ordered it they made us move to a bigger table because it was going to be so big. Then when we got the dosa it was about as long as me!! We almost finished the whole thing - it was delicious!!

Also we went to places to look out over the hills and we saw a girl monkey and this lady gave me some candy and the monkey climbed up the wall and grabbed the candy right out of my hand!! It was funny.